High Pressure Cleaning

As a high cleaning specialist company, we provide professional high pressure cleaning services for a variety of surfaces; such as swimming pools, driveways, ceilings, shopping centers, tennis courts, car parks, concrete paving, factories and workshops, school grounds and high level surfaces and any other surface that needs quality cleaning attention. We are flexible with scheduling and services to accommodate your needs.

We have High Clean specialists for high and difficult cleaning and maintenance. We have available a large range of options including, cherry pickers and scissor-lifts and abseilers to reach those inaccessible places. We schedule the work to be done at a time that will avoid interference with your business operations. We have equipment that will complete the task and provide professional results.

We offer excellent solutions to for those hard-to-clean, dirty or greasy floors; or any type of surfaces of your home or commercial establishments.

High Clean has vast experience in the restoration of paved surfaces in public places. This knowledge is invaluable when undertaking a large project e.g. an underground car park.