High Facade Cleaning

High Clean offers façade & structure cleaning for all commercial and retail buildings. We can also undertake infrastructure cleaning on public assembly facilities such as stadiums and arenas.

We use the ’soft-wash’ building cleaning technique. The ‘soft-wash’ technique is as an effective alternative to harsh abrasives which risk damaging your surfaces. We adapt our procedure to use low levels of pressurized water to clean the surface. We don’t use any hazardous chemicals that risk damaging your surfaces, or harming the environment. The procedure is an ideal choice for paint preparation, and in the removal of environmental stains, cob-webs and other contaminants.

We assess your needs and create custom cleaning solutions that ensure your property will come up fresh and new – without the surface or water damage that a less experienced cleaner might cause.

We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt our solutions to your set of circumstances.

Our staff are accredited and competent operators of elevated working platforms.

Building Facade Cleaning or Restoration is a specialized skill and not many professional Power Washing service companies are skilled in this area. A knowledge of the common contaminants found on buildings is required and knowledge of the different building materials that are used to construct buildings is required. How each material composition can tolerate different pressures and cleaning agents is known to High Clean through extensive experience. We have gained knowledge of waste containment and reclamation in difficult cleaning applications, Safety issues are always addressed, matching the requirement of high traffic commercial buildings and their management.